Soap Plant Manufacturer

The company has been shaped out by very experienced professional. Due to strategic working policies of company, it has achieved tremendous growth in short time span. We are proud to have many successfully running plants across India as well as in foreign countries. We provide Acid Slurry Plant / Labsa Plant, Detergent Cake Plant, pilot plant, Toilet Soap Plant and Washing Powder Plant with industry leading prices.
Having best team of Rameshwar steel fab and marketing masters, company earns good reputation along with repeat orders of the same clients. Our quality has become good marketing policy for us and we enjoy best out of that. It is fast growing engineering company. Willingness to put forward the products that can be right on one’s expectations has leaded the positive factors to our criteria. We have adopted most modern technology that perked up the development and advancement of our products.


Detergent Cake Plant

Detergent Cake Plant Our offered range of soap plants is preferably in demand for the production of the different kinds of soaps with different batch planning. We are considered as the leading manufacturer and exporter of the detergent soap plants. We cater efficiently global market with our high quality soap plants.Our detergent cake plants are best example of synchronization of varied machines. Soap making procedures are correct integration of various sequential processes starting with procedure to mix row material with color and perfume to the packing of final perfect shaped, finished soap. Material is subject to mixing, refining, and extrusion, cutting and stamping to make final toilet soap.

LABSA Soap Plant

We are considered as one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of LINEAR ALKYL BENZENE SULPHONIC ACID (LABSA) plant. Acid slurry is used as major component of detergent raw material. It is also used in the production of the detergent powder, detergent cake, washing powder and other liquids in which it is used. It is used as washing agent in various industries.By product of LABSA is mainly used in manufacturing of various fertilizers. We are well-liked manufacturer and exporter of the India providing qualitative range of LABSA plants. We also manufacture and export acid slurry plants, industrial pilot plant and toilet soap machinery. We are eager to trade with the business coordinators from various countries of different continents like Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. We expect our business associates from the counties of North America and South America.

Acid slurry Plant

Acid slurry Plant is made by sulpho nation of linear alkyl benzene by sulphuric acid. We offer complete inline machineries to manufacture acid slurry. It is all about modernization of technology. We make use of latest software to design all parts and instruments of the plant. We are popular as the largest manufacturer and exporter of the acid slurry plants fully equipped with the easy access systems. We get pleasure from the successful installation and satisfactory running of our acid slurry plants at different global locations. Our plants are adequately running in many countries of different continents like Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. We expect our business associates in the counties of North America and South America.

Detergent Soap Plant

Detergent cake is the product having its applications in day-to-day life. Detergent cake plant is an ideal coordination of easy and accessible procedures of production. Raw material of the detergent cake is effectively mixed with the perfume and color as per define formulas. Different kinds of machines are used to shape out the product. An efficient mixer mixes the material. Mixed material is send further for the processing.Material is conveyed with worm conveyor. Worm conveyor can be set horizontally or slant as per requirement. In order to save energy and use most the gravitational force, it is fixed in inclined position. Plant is possessed with gear box system and electric motor. It is also provided with electric panel board. Material is extruded with plodder machine and bar cutter is used to cut detergent bar in specific length.

Toilet Soap Plant

As being prominent manufacturer and exporter of the soap plants, we provide precisely built toilet soap plant to cater global market. Our popular automation of such plant has been favored us to export our toilet soap plants to various countries of different continents. We offer these plants with standard and customized range. It is available according to wide-ranging batch planning.Total procedure includes coordination of different procedures. Different toilet soaps contain different formulas of raw materials. Raw material is proceeding to mixing, refining, and extrusion, cutting and stamping to make final toilet soap. Our plant contains inline machineries to fulfill above listed process. Plodder, conveyor, bar cutter and stamping machine are used at the different stage of the procedure.
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