Like our other plants like Laundry Soap Plant, Toilet Soap Plant, Detergent Soap Plant, Acid Slurry Plant, LABSA Plant and detergent cake plant we offer complete inline machineries for washing powder plant. Several machineries like duplex type vacuum plodder, ribbon blender and detergent powder screening machine are provided with total harmonization. Powder mixture machine is used to attain uniform mixture for making of washing powder. Efficient ribbon blender offer speedy and accurate process. Depending on the requirements, it is provided with rotary valves that help to pass on the mixed material homogeneously at required rate. To observe stream of the material inspection window is provided.
washing powder plant manufacturer

Detergent powder plant is provided with detergent powder screening machine to attain uniform mixture with same sized particles of washing powder. Wrapper packing machine is used for final packing of the washing powder.

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